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Three Decades of Executive Coaching Experience

Are you a business professional who is interested in sharpening your leadership skills or those of your team? Or are you a leader who needs to assess your employees, better shape your corporate environment, or boost your management's performance levels? If so, then you should consider working with our firm, Shared Values Associates. We offer Seattle area executive coaching and various other management and leadership training services. Peter Dove, President of Shared Values Associates, has three decades of experience and provides proven strategies and resources that produce lasting change.

The services we offer include:

Executive coaching: Through executive coaching, we come along side participants to create focused action plans for their career path and hold them accountable to stay on track to reach established goals. We provide coaching that is designed to help"high potentials" and even those who struggle thrive both professionally and personally.

Assessments: We know that in order to hire the right employees, build the right team, or provide the necessary direction for your team members, you need to know the exact issues. We offer various types of employee and corporate culture assessments that offer insight, diagnosis, action plans and benchmarks so that results can be measured and achieved.

Corporate Culture: Using our Proprietary Shared Values Process we can help you implement and establish a durable and flexible, principle centered corporate culture with the Shared Values Process®. A shared values culture continuously improves almost everything. From the way your employees work with each other to boosting productivity, providing more opportunities, creating a hothouse for innovation that delights the customer, your culture decides all.

Performance management training: We teach you and your team best management practices that improve your company's performance and return on investment. We offer everything from management and leadership training to guidance on selling and negotiating.

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Our mission is to bring performance management best practices to organizations in the Northwest, blessing the client and adding value to the lives of those whom the client touches. Feel free tocontact us today at (425) 822-8761 for more information about our services.

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