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Seattle area Management Training

Any organization has only three assets: plant and equipment, capital, and people. The people asset is the most strategic since it controls the other two. The most strategic group within the people asset is the management group. Companies would never hire managers if they didn't need them to mobilize and guide the organization's individual contributors to a keen internal vision, a vision that results in a satisfied, loyal customer who spreads the word about your organization.

The only two things the manager has are time and influence. It is the management of this time and influence that is the critical success factor. To achieve the highest return on investment (ROI), our team at Shared Values Associates offers training and other essential resources to optimize effectiveness.

Our performance management training focuses on:

• Corporate culture design/build using a shared values approach.
• Coaching managers and leadership training.
• Supervisory basics training.
• Access to 942 training titles on line, leader-led, or blended training.
• Time/email management best practices.
• Project management.
• Selling and negotiating.
• Customer service.

More Than 30 Years of Experience

At Shared Values Associates, we have more than three decades of experience providing executive coaching, management training, and leadership training in the Seattle area and Northwest. It is our mission to bring performance management best practices to organizations in the Northwest, blessing the client and adding value to the lives of those whom the client touches.

If you would like to get started on strengthening the effectiveness of your management team and your organization's management style, contact Shared Values Associates today at (425) 822-8761.


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