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Assessment is necessary in order to sort contributors within your organization and to navigate to the vision. If the participant, group, or entire corporate culture is headed toward a certain destination, the first thing to know is the current state. What gets measured gets done. Our Seattle area executive coaching and management / leadership training firm, Shared Values Associates, provides assessments that offer essential information about your employees, department, management team, or the entire enterprise.

The three types of assessments that we predominately use are:

The Harrison Assessment® for employee development, candidate selection, team development, retention, engagement, talent pipeline management and succession planning.

The Leadership Impact Survey™, a multi-rater assessment that measures the five essential competencies of management acumen and guides the develop of that acumen.

Values & Attitude Study™ This is a unique, proprietary corporate culture assessment and is used to facilitate a shared values culture… the optimum culture. A shared values culture attracts and retains the most competent employees, attains superior ROI, and replaces stress, upset and distrust with joy and unity.

Call Our Seattle area management training firm today. Once you reach out to us, we can help you determine which assessment will be most beneficial for you and your company or organization, whether you are in Seattle, Bellevue or anywhere else in the Northwest. We provide assessments and training solutions that provide measurable results. Call our office at (425) 822-8761

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