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Shared Values Associates is a performance management consulting and training firm providing solutions to primarily Northwest companies since 1985. We work with many organizations shaping a more ideal corporate culture that fulfills you the client, your employees and ultimately your Raison d'etre: your customer.

Our Mission

Is to bring performance management best practices to organizations in the Northwest, blessing the client and adding value to the lives of those whom the client touches.

Specifically we deal in training and assessments for the following applications:

Executive Coaching.

Assessments for hiring, development, engagement, teambuilding, career navigation and succession planning.

Corporate Culture Design and assessment.

Performance Management Training including time/email management, sales training, project management, supervisory basics and customer service.

• Hiring pre-assessment.

The president of Shared Values Associates, Peter Dove, is a member of the International Coach Federation ( and has three decades of experience coaching executives. He was born and raised in the Seattle area, and graduated from the University of Washington School of Business. Peter's close collaboration over the years with Dr. Stephen Covey bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Lou Tice author of Smart Talk, Rob Lebow bestselling author of A Journey Into the Heroic Environment and Dr. Julie White and Rick Take authors of the bestseller People Leave Managers…Not Organizations has provided him with essential mentoring and deep insight. As a coach, management consultant,dynamic speaker and trainer, Peter coaches owners and executives how to create strong, high-performance work environments that produce exceptional results.

Shared Values Associates distictions:

• 30 years of executive coaching experience.
• Measurable results and use of recognized performance management assessments.
• Best practices coaching, leadership and management skills training.
• Proven performance, growth, and results outcomes.

To learn more, please call us directly at (425) 822-8761.

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